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Human Capital Development is essential part of the Global growth of the industry. We consider it the major ingredient for national development

We Bridge The Energy Divide

Branex-Aquarium Commodities BV is a business entity focused on general commodity trade with key interest in Oil and Gas, Metals/Minerals, and Wood. The company is further strengthened by the integration and mutual concern to harmonize capacity and build strength. Joined in this synergy and providing integral support to the business in order to deliver world-class services include - Aquarium Energy LLC.USA; Aquarium Energy INC. and Branex BV, Netherlands for which Aquarium Energy Limited located in Nigeria is their parent company. Aquarium Energy Limited on itself emerged as an offshoot of the earlier tremendous job done in the Energy Sector by Goshen Steam Oil Ltd, Ehos Energy Limited and Chidex Oil Limited. This merger of resources capacity and location experience creates a supply chain matrix from source to market that greatly enhances our trade services.

Aviation Fuels

Jet fuel (Jet A-1, kerosene)

Kerosene-gasoline mixture (Jet B)

Aviation gasoline (avgas)



We believe in synergy – both the executive and middle management and this has helped in driving the company’s success. To maintain and enhance this position, we are constantly training and re-training our staff to secure stronger leadership and career goals. 


We have in place procedures and documents that endorse a formal EHS policy for the company. The Branex-Aquarium Commodities BV EHS policy clearly defines and outlines the role and expectations for operations and personnel. It was developed in partnership with EHS professionals in line with industry regulations guiding our services and activities. Our HSE Document exists principally to:

Prevent or mitigate both human and economic losses arising from accients adverse occupational exposures and environmental events

Build EHS considerations into all phases of the operations, including research/community development and environments

Maintain compliance with laws and regulations

Continually improve EHS performance, review and re-validation

Development of a strong culture of safety within an organization

Promote methods to use energy more efficiently, reduce waste and prevent accidents

Comply with laws, regulations and organizational requirements applicable to our operations

Gather information on how our system adapts and adapts to policy, identifying areas where corrective action is necessary and provide a basis for continual improvement

Periodic audits that enable a critical appraisal of all the elements of the EHS management system

Develop systems and principles for safety functions